Earnings through VIM for a month: What to Expect?

VIM Official : Vimmer.world
3 min readDec 26, 2023

VIM is a Social Fi Web3 project designed to enable not only creators but also their supporting subscribers to earn rewards through social media activities. So, how much can participants, known as Vimmers, potentially earn?

To embark on Vimmer activities, one must first acquire Vanter, an NFT essential for progressing through VIM quests. Vanter plays the role of a virtual assistant, seeking quests on your behalf. Moreover, it accumulates experience points representing your abilities, with earnings varying based on its level. As daily energy recharge increases with each level, more quests can be completed.

Considering the current price on Element, approximately 0.1 BNB or $30, acquiring Vanter seems reasonable. As the minting quantity is limited, there’s a high probability of its price rising, providing an opportunity for profitable resale when leaving VIM.

Now, let’s proceed with the quests.

Zimmer’s Campaign list

Taking the first quest card from Vanter Sally’s campaign as an example, it involves watching a YouTube video, providing feedback, and subscribing, with a reward of 0.15 VIU. VIU, VIM’s utility token, can be swapped with VIZ at an exchange rate of approximately 1:10. Upon completing the quest, 13 energy is deducted. With a Level 1 Vanter, you can complete around 4 quests per day, resulting in earnings of 0.6 VIU. Converting this to VIZ, at the current MEXC rate, yields around 6 VIZ or approximately 0.1 USD, resulting in a monthly income of about 2.8 USD.

However, assuming ownership of Roggles and completing quests daily for a month, reaching Level 8 is plausible. At this point, each quest brings in 5.5 VIU, totaling around 40 VIU daily. With the current swap rate, this translates to around 400 VIZ or roughly 6.2 USD. The monthly income would be around 185.00 USD.

Importantly, as quests progress, VIZ is burned, contributing to its scarcity. VIZ’s tokenomics suggests a continuous rise, and as VIM gains popularity, increased trading volume and prices for VIZ are anticipated. While the current VIZ price is relatively low, a return to its initial listing price could yield a profit of around 5,000 USD.

This projection is based on owning a single Vanter, with users allowed up to 9 Vanter holdings. Additionally, incorporating Rainbow Goggles would further increase earnings.

VIM’s fame is uncertain, but our team firmly believes in its potential to garner love from many users.

We are committed to consistent updates and foresee significant profits for those who collect VIU/VIZ in the near future.



VIM Official : Vimmer.world

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).