How to join the vim’s quests

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4 min readAug 9, 2023
  1. Log In:

To participate in VIM’s quests, a Vimmer member login is required. If you’re not a member, please sign up first!

2. Choose Your Desk:

Navigate to the quest home and Press the icon of the desk you want to proceed with to navigate to Desk Settings. Desks are the smallest units formed by combining Vanter and Roggles units.

  • Desk additions are supported in OV2, where VIU is rewarded.

3. Set Up Your Desk:

Prepare to initiate the quest by adding Vanter and Roggles to your chosen desk. With only Vanter, you can access 70% of all quests. Even without Vanter, quest participation is possible, but access is limited to a restricted number of quests. Once your desk setup is complete, press the ‘Find Quest’ button to access the Quest Board.

4. Quest Board and Campaign-Specific Wallet Address:

The Quest Board displays the remaining time until the quest begins. The wallet address at the top is a campaign-specific operational wallet where Zimmer, who created the campaign, pays the BNB and distributes the reward amount to participating Vimmers. Additionally, you can view campaign history here.

5. Quest Rounds:

Quests start at GMT 04:00 and run for 8 hours a day, divided into 8 rounds, each lasting an hour. The initial 30 minutes of each round are preemption time, operating on a first-come, first-served basis. If you successfully preempt a quest, you’ll have at least 30 minutes to submit your mission, allowing you to proceed at your own pace. Incomplete quests from rounds 1 to 7 will all open in round 8, giving Ghost Vanters an opportunity to participate. Once round 8 concludes, the next round starts at GMT 04:00 the following day.

6. Mission Execution:

The key point in performing VIM missions is to help Zimmer grow. For YouTube missions, subscribing to the channel initiates the process, while Twitter missions start with following. Select Zimmers in your area of interest and provide sincere advice and innovative ideas according to the suggested missions to support their ongoing creative activities! Their growth will elevate the value of your VIU. Content submitted is subject to review by Zimmer, the campaign master. Irrelevant responses may result in no reward or sanctions for subsequent quest participation.

  • Each icon on the quest list signifies:
  1. Quests accessible to me
  2. Quests preoccupied by other Vimmers
  3. Quests I’ve submitted
  4. Quests inaccessible to me (due to the absence of Vanter or Roggles or completion by others)
  5. Quests in progress by me
  • Same quests in Zimmer campaigns can only be participated once.

7. Rewards:

In OV1, rewards are in the form of BNB. This approach helps determine an appropriate reward amount, utilizing BNB as a currency equivalent. Except for 20% of the amount paid by Zimmer for the campaign, all funds are distributed to participants within 24 hours after the campaign concludes. While VIU, VIM’s utility token, is not yet in use, Vanter’s level and stats won’t be functional. However, with the transition to VIU as the payment method in OV2, they will all become operational.

8. ETC

Detailed explanation about the campaign and quest progression:

  • Zimmer’s campaigns are conducted over a span of 10 to 20 days, with varying amounts depending on the sum.
  • In OV1, Vanter’s energy is fully replenished before the start of the next day’s round, following the completion of 8 rounds in a day.
  • Everyday, each Vanter receives 50P of energy, while Ghost Vanter receives 15P of energy
  • Vanter’s energy is consumed at a rate of 10P per YouTube quest and 5P per Twitter quest.
  • Quest grabs are on a first-come, first-served basis, and upon successful completion, there will be a minimum of 30 minutes provided for submission.
  • Please make sure to navigate to the respective social media platform, search for the ID, access the content, and carry out the missions!
  • Rewards will be distributed all at once after the participated campaign comes to an end.

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