Is VIM the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) maker?

VIM Official :
3 min readJun 8, 2023

Gathering people is always important yet challenging. Numerous SNS platforms are gathering people by highlighting their unique characteristics. Interestingly, within these platforms, there emerge individuals who gather large groups (e.g., followers) and exert their influence. As platforms like YouTube and Instagram gain more influence, the influence of individuals with a large number of subscribers/followers within these platforms has also grown exponentially.

The early participants of these platforms found it much easier to build their fan base compared to the present, where the volume of content has become massive and the number of participants has skyrocketed. Vim is a project that aims to address these challenges.

Let’s consider an example from the offline world that we often encounter. The greatest concern for self-employed business owners who operate many shops around us is to gather regular customers. No matter how skilled they are at cooking, it is useless without customers. There was a person who took on the challenge of turning regular customers into fans. They created a gathering where they shared and enjoyed a newly created menu they worked on tirelessly for 14 hours every day, receiving reviews and engaging in conversations with a small group of interested individuals. This person made up their mind to gather only 3,000 fans for their own shop and succeeded in achieving 1,500 fans in just four months. As a result, this novice owner has placed their shop among the ranks of success.

Now, let’s assume we are beginner creators who have just started YouTube. We need to showcase our content to listeners who would be interested. Vim’s Vimmers are the people who support and provide advice to these beginner creators without hesitation. Thanks to the overwhelming support and advice from the Vimmers, these novice creators can deliver their content to a wider audience of interested listeners.

However, there is a blind spot in this cycle. While these creators gain economic benefits through this process, regular listeners, who invest their time in consuming the content, do not receive any economic benefits. Of course, one could argue that the consumption of content aligns with the informative aspect of the content, but in reality, that is not often the case.

Vim is a platform that fosters these creators as true fans, rather than just content consumers (views, likes). It provides systematic support by engaging in more specialized quests, ensuring that appropriate rewards are given in advance, thereby distributing benefits to all participants in the creator ecosystem. This aligns well with the spirit of the true Web3 ecosystem, and the transparency of this process is conveyed through the blockchain network.

During VIM’s Early Bird period, over 70,000 Vimmers participated in quests, providing confidence in the project’s sustainable success. The VIM team is now on the verge of releasing the official version.

Vimmers will acquire the qualifications of social media experts through quests and foster many KOLs, ultimately gaining profits.




VIM Official :

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).