About OV(Official Version)

VIM Official : Vimmer.world
2 min readJul 29, 2023

OV (Official Version) is a version that precisely follows the numerical analogy between Zimmer and Vimmer and distributes BNB as profits.

OV1 will be launched first. OV1 will be operational until the listing of VIM’s governance token, VIZ, and VIU will not be provided, thus Vanter’s experience points won’t work.

OV2 will activate all elements of Vanter, and during this phase, VIU/VIZ swaps and VIZ/BNB swaps will be operational.

In OV, support for quests will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. The quests will be opened sequentially for each SNS, starting with YouTube and Twitter campaigns. Quests will run on a daily basis, starting at 4 AM GMT and lasting for 8 hours.

Each one-hour unit will be referred to as a ‘round,’ resulting in a total of 8 rounds per day. Support will be available for 30 minutes in each round, followed by a 30-minute submission window.

Desks equipped with both Vanter and Roggles will have access to all quests. Desks with only Vanter will have access to 70% of the quests. For those without Vanter and Roggles, ‘Ghost Vanter’ can be used for limited quest participation.

The quests, equally distributed among the 7 rounds, will open again in the 8th round for anyone to participate if they were not completed previously.

In OV1, each Vanter will receive a fixed amount of energy.

Enjoy VIM!



VIM Official : Vimmer.world

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).