OV1 and OV2 Operations

VIM Official : Vimmer.world
2 min readAug 9, 2023

We have gone through a beta testing period called the EB version. Now, we are excited to announce the official launch of VIM. The reason for dividing into ‘versions’ even in the official version is due to our recognition of being incomplete. Our fundamental mechanism revolves around nurturing Zimmers who aspire to become KOLs and sharing their future earnings. Anchored by the NFT called Vanter in the Web3 ecosystem, complemented by the utility token (VIU), Vimmers can enhance the value of their rewards. The reason we consider ourselves incomplete lies in the data concerning Zimmer and Vimmer participation rates and a fair benchmark for rewards.

Temporarily delaying VIU issuance and swap pool operation and choosing to reward in BNB stems from our desire to verify established benchmarks using EB period data. OV1 will run for a short duration, and it will transition to OV2 in conjunction with the listing of VIZ, VIM’s governance token.

The contents of OV2 are as follows:

  • Vanter’s experience points, level, stats, stress, academy, registration, and movement are possible.
  • Roggle’s leveling up, registration, and movement are possible.
  • Operation of the VIU/VIZ/BNB swap pool.

About the Swap Pool:

Zimmer’s payments are made in BNB, and these BNBs are swapped with VIZ. The swapped VIZ is sent to a burning wallet and gets burned. Consequently, the overall quantity of VIZ reduces over time, increasing its value. The current VIZ DEX pool will gradually increase liquidity and find an appropriate value. The VIU paid to Vimmers can be swapped with VIZ or BNB, starting with a ratio of 2:1 with VIZ.

About NFTs:

During the EB period and the initial minting round, we supplied Vanter. We are immensely thankful to the initial participants during this phase and believe they have a strong understanding of our ecosystem. Thus, we provided more opportunities for them to participate in quests while Vanter was not fully operational during OV1, aiming to gather feedback. Of course, some of them might have sold Vanter on the market, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were early participants in our ecosystem. We understand that someone owning an NFT should not be prevented from participating in the ecosystem, which goes against the Web3 spirit. After gathering a certain amount of data (within August), Vanter’s movement and registration will soon open. This will significantly decrease Vanter’s circulation.

Campaign prices and quest rewards will evolve through continuous data collection and will consistently trend upwards. Meaningful quest participation will contribute to shaping this evolution.

Your engagement, interest, and even criticisms are powerful forces for us.

Continuously moving forward, VIM Team



VIM Official : Vimmer.world

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).