Regarding the VIM Ecosystem Opening:

VIM Official :
2 min readDec 13, 2023

Recently, the zimmer part of VIM’s ecosystem has been opened.

We took careful steps to ensure that this project is not a Ponzi scheme, avoiding scams in the Ponzi style, by connecting it to real-world platforms used by actual users. To prevent it from becoming a project that attracts many users based on deceptive promises of significant short-term profits, only to create a bubble and disappear, we deliberated extensively amid realistic operational policies and eye-catching figures worthy of fame.

After conducting beta tests, our team collected data country by country and found optimal criteria. We aim to gradually increase the realistic volume of ecosystem operations to foster an ecosystem that operates sustainably for an extended period.

Now that all the features for quest progress for Vimmers have been implemented, starting today, zimmers will re-register quests that will go live immediately.

Quest registration will be free for existing registered zimmers and initial zimmers, but a reasonable price will soon be set.

Rewards for Vimmer’s quest progress will be issued in VIU, which can be converted to cash through the VIZ/VIU swap pool. Currently, VIZ is listed on MEXC. (

Only Vanter holders can participate in quests, and leveling up and stat redistribution for Vanter will operate alongside the monetization of zimmers.

As experience points, the basis for leveling up, continuously accumulate, the functionality can be initiated simultaneously with the feature opening. Vanter will be listed on, and its price will increase based on a benchmark of 100.

For smooth utilization of VIM, MetaMask wallet is essential, and Vanter must be located in this wallet. Additionally, VIU will be received in this wallet.

Stay tuned for future announcements regarding leveling up.

Thank you,

  • VIM Team



VIM Official :

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).