VIM(VIZ) is so thrilled to announce that listing on MEXC global’s kickstarter session.

VIM Official :
2 min readNov 30, 2023

Dear Vimmers,

VIM(VIZ) is so thrilled to announce that listing on MEXC global’s kickstarter session. MEXC Global’s kickstarter session will live by voting system which starts from 2023.11.29 13:00 to 2023.11.30 12:50 (UTC)

For those of new vimmers who wish to join and earn profits, we’d like to introduce core information of our project this time.

About VIM
VIM is a Quest to Earn project based on Social Media. For Creators who wish to be KOLs in VIM (we call them Zimmer) to enter the market smoothly, ecosystem participants (we call them Vimmer) can increase revenue through the production of quests or viral content that analyzes their content. Although there is already a similar old, fake tool in the current Web2 market, and the size of this market is measured at $3.75B, it emphasizes transparency, and a normal platform has not yet emerged in the industry. Through the roadmap leading to Social Media Academy -> Content creation -> Social Media E-commerce, we will establish an ecosystem in this area and secure a pool of diverse Social Media users. Designed like a game-fi, VIM’s ecosystem includes various incineration routines on our tokens and usage of VIZ token, as well as various decision making processes through DAO.

Total Supply : 5,000,000,000 VIZ

Team info
CEO Seizy,
Chief researcher at Samsung Electronics Central research institute (Software specialist)
Developed Hyundai Motoring Group’s global education platform (worldwide usage)
CEO of Welike
Entrepreneur for over 20 years in the IT industry specialized in marketing & IT platform business.

CTO Jason,
CTO has years of experience in various blockchain related development and projects.

CFO William,
CFO has years of experience in financial data analysis from Bloomberg and investment experience in startup companies.

Blue Potion, Smile Square, VRCA, Mystic Story, Drone Orange, Nuri Flex
These are corporations in South Korea in various industries. These companies will be joining VIM’s ecosystem as a Zimmer (KOL Demander) and we will be generating customized quests on their demand to create a hype on their official social media account. Blue potion, Smile Square and Drone Orange are rising gaming developers in the Asian market and Mystic Story is one of the most major entertainment company in South Korea.

Official links

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VIM Official :

VIM is a platform that vimmers get their profits by supporting zimmer (who wants to be a KOL).